Scholarship Donations

The OK/AR Regional Officers have a goal of increasing chapter engagement and participation at regional events. To achieve this, a scholarship fund has been established to provide assistance to chapters and their members who would otherwise be unable to fully participate.

Regional events facilitate valuable fellowship and networking for our members, in addition to equipping them with necessary tools to reach goals and the rich diversity of perspectives needed to live a “well-reasoned life”.

Institutional support and internal fundraising are not always available or sufficient, and this scholarship fund will allow our members to be the best they can be.

Several donation options are available to help boost our 5-star Region to the next level of engagement and participation.


If you are donating on behalf of a college and wish to pay with a check, email

After you click the donate button you will see an option to create a guest account on the right side of the page. Once you’ve created the guest account, you will be able to proceed with the donation.

Online Payment Donation Cost
Donate $10.00
Donate $20.00
Donate $25.00 (half of a Regional Honors Institute registration)
Donate $40.00 (half of a Regional Convention registration)
Donate $50.00 (full Regional Honors Institute registration)
Donate $80.00 (full Regional Convention registration)
Donate $100.00 (approximate cost of one room/night in a conference hotel)
Donate $150.00
Donate $250.00
Donate $500.00